• We are an architectural and urban development studio located in Barcelona directed by Carles Enrich Giménez, architect graduate of ETSAB and professor at the Barcelona School of Architecture – ETSAB. We combine professional practice with teaching and research.

  • Our work covers all the habitable fields: from domestic to urban, emphasizing where they crossover.

  • We work on the basis of pre-existing conditions, and memory, introducing new parameters of interaction between people and their surroundings. We reformulate questions to achieve the best answer for the real needs of both the space and its users. We propose living spaces and situations which optimize material while respecting the conditions of natural and urban habitats.



Former team members (2009-2019): Andreu Arévalo, Lluís Del Clos, Dídac González, Anna Turull, Àngel Rosales, Ada Sánchez, Alfred Palomera, Arnau Olazábal, Eva González, Rafel Capó, Caroline Foulon, Laura Belenguer, Minerva Ramírez, Claudio Bonni, Mary Kaldani, Jesús Quintana, Albert Rabinad, Oriol Ferrer, Laure Nicod, Alberto Espinosa, Valeria Lovato, Àlex Font, Clara González, Diana Zúñiga, Mar Tarrida



  • Aiguasol
  • Energy management
  • MA+SA ad 
  • Design and calculation of structures
  • Cíclica
  • Natural and social metabolism
  • BBG
  • Structural Rehabilitation Studies
  • Brufau – Cusó
  • Budget management
  • Project x-press
  • Engineering and telecommunications