15.000 grams

Poblenou, Barcelona 2018

Light installation. Ephemeral

  • Designers: Carles Enrich + Pau Bajet + Alice Antonnacci + Mar Bartolomé + Javier Salvador Culla + Andrés Echarri + Oriol Ferrer + Sara Izquierdo + Enric Mas + Joan Martí Morro + Jesús Quintana + Germán Ribera + Mar Tarrida
  • Client:Llum BCN. Institut del Paisatge Urbà
  • Surface area: 1.800 sqm
  • Photographs: Adrià Goula
  • Video: Adrià Goula
  • Awards: Special Mention Llum BCN Festival, Selected Lamp Awards

Llum BCN Festival proposes the creation of projects for street light installations for the weekend of the city’s patron saint, Santa Eulàlia. This year’s chosen district was Poble Nou. The location is the junction of Badajoz and Bolívia, a point that is overexposed to disconnected architecture and urban elements. Given the impossibility of making the public space darker, the installation opts for not introducing more light into the space, working instead with the existing lighting to change its perception for a few days.

The decision to intervene in the 15 existing lampposts by adding a single material weighing a maximum of one kilo per post utilises systematic repetition as a landscape factor at the urban scale, at the same time giving rise to a thought-provoking relation between citizens and objects that experience an alteration of their principal function. The installation, in constant motion, interacts with passers-by and is sensitive to environmental factors, generating an intentionally ephemeral space of unpredictable forms.