Afew jewels’ atelier

Poblenou, Barcelona 2018

Reconversion of an industrial warehouse. Project

  • Architect: Carles Enrich Studio
  • Collaborators: BBG (structure), SJ12 (installations), Brufau Cusó (budget)
  • Client: Private
  • Surface area: 437 sqm
  • Renders: Carles Enrich Studio

The project consists of the rehabilitation of an industrial warehouse in the Barcelona district of Sant Martí. It is an open-plan construction, 25.5×13.7 metres, with a structure of pillars, trusses and concrete joists, brick facings and a metal sheet ridge roof. It is currently used for storage, with a single entrance via a large garage door from Carrer Treball. The aim is to fit out the warehouse as a multipurpose space that can house a workshop for artisans and artists.

The project involves completely removing the existing partitions and inserting the necessary elements to turn the space into a flexible infrastructure that can house multiple changing uses in time. First, a timber platform is built to create a new level of use and a vertical communication shaft, including an entrance. Second, the space is equipped with a system of installations to reinforce the infrastructure. Finally, a courtyard provides ventilation and natural lighting to the interior, improving bioclimatism in the shared space of future workers.