Anell verd

Sant Cugat del Vallès / Rubí 2015

Metropolitan Passages. Competition

  • Architect: Carles Enrich Studio
  • Client: AMB
  • Surface area: 3 km
  • Photographs: Carles Enrich
  • Video: Carles Enrich
  • Awards: First Prize Metropolitan Passages competition, Selected Arquia Próxima V Awards

The competition called for an urban improvement on the road between Sant Cugat and Rubí. The project addresses the need to urbanise an expressway and proposes the existing natural landscape as a pedestrian alternative.

With the idea of creating greater porosity and ecological connectivity to the municipalities of Sant Cugat and Rubí, the project proposes a slow transition in contact with nature as a pedestrian alternative to the road. We enhance the Torrent dels Alous river park with restorative operations, creating a three kilometre corridor that functions as a space of passage, leisure and sport. The spaces left beneath the bridges are seen as places of opportunity for ephemeral activities with itinerant markets, spaces for artistic creation and environmental workshops.