2 Apartments in Tamarit

Eixample, Barcelona 2013-2015

Remodelling of two dwellings. Built work

  • Architect: Carles Enrich Studio
  • Collaborators: MASAad (structure)
  • Client: Private
  • Contractors: Inside Plus, Ifusta (joinery)
  • Surface area: 110 sqm
  • Photographs: Carles Enrich
  • Awards: Selected Arquia Próxima V Awards

The commission involved dividing up a pre-school centre on the main floor of a building in Barcelona’s Eixample to create two apartments. With no information as to the future inhabitants, the project sets out to offer a versatile space that is open to different interpretations according to the occupants’ needs. The division produced a 45 m2 dwelling on the street side and a 60 m2 apartment overlooking the middle of the street block.

The partition walls were removed, and the original large spaces between bearing walls were restored. The walls, brick ceilings and windows were rehabilitated, and a service unit was inserted, comprising a lightweight structure of pine timber, birch panels and a ceiling of medium density fibreboard. This unit is designed as a fitting that guarantees the basic domestic functions of cooking, washing, sleeping and storage. The clearance in the apartments of 3.60 m ensures sufficient space to create a useable volume above the bathroom and kitchen ceilings. The proposed lighting system allows for changes of arrangement to suit the needs of the future occupants.