In flow

Canyelles, Barcelona 2017

Europan 14. Competition

  • Architect: Carles Enrich Studio
  • Collaborators: Cíclica (sustainability)
  • Client: Barcelona City Council
  • Surface area: 2,35 ha
  • Renders: Carles Enrich Studio
  • Awards: First prize Europan 14

Nou Barris is a district characterised by a social, associative and community fabric that has always strived for the dignity of the place and the people. The project aims to promote the role of local residents as the seed of urban recovery. Moreover, its key position in the area, on the border between Barcelona and Collserola, in the basin of the Canyelles Stream, is the basis for an environmental strategy that connects with the rest of the city’s neighbourhoods. Canyelles will become a driving force for the city at all levels: food, energy, welfare, culture, crafts and thought.

The project is based on the recovery of the Canyelles Stream as a biological corridor that will reconnect the hillside neighbourhood with the rest of the city. The water in the basin will be channelled to irrigate the new terraced allotments and serve to water the future gardens along Meridiana. New amenities will be introduced at strategic points to revitalise the district’s social and cultural life, and cooperative social housing will be incorporated to promote shared spaces and an architecture that minimises energy demand. The dwellings will be more fragmented and associated with the vegetable gardens, and may be social or agricultural housing.