Reconnection in Badia

Badia del Vallès 2016-2019

Redevelopment and improved accessibility. Built work

  • Architect: Carles Enrich Studio
  • Collaborators: MASAad (structure), Brufau Cusó (budget)
  • Client: AMB
  • Executive management: Pere Ollé
  • Contractor: Voracys
  • Surface area: 1300 sqm
  • Photographs: Adrià Goula

Badia del Vallès is made up of a series of housing estates built in the early sixties that were implanted in the territory, occupying the terraces of the surrounding topography. The meeting of Carrer Bètica and Avinguda de la Mediterrània in the town is marked by a difference in level of 8.5 m. The very steep existing steps and ramp fail to offer the ease of access needed by local residents to guarantee connection between housing on the lower level and facilities in Carrer Bètica, such as the market and the schools.

The proposal takes the form of inserting a lift at a strategic point where it is clearly visible and reduces distances. The structure consists of a mesh of 10 cm metal tubes and 5 cm diagonal struts. The lift shaft comprises three sides of micro-perforated metal sheet, with laminated glass in the east face. The intervention includes new stairways made of prefabricated concrete block arranged at tangents to the walkway, and improvements to the intermediate public space of the estate, using geometry and permeable surfaces to address the accumulation of water.